Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me by Ledisi - Blended Designs PuzzlesPuzzles connect us to our past and they are inherently full of nostalgic fun.  Simple yet engaging for all ages, the only way we could think of improving this traditional treat is by adding your touch.  Our custom photograph puzzles allow you to take part in the design of your very own interactive picture.  With puzzles ranging up to 1000 pieces each we can stimulate your senses while reminding you of the good times.  We offer traditional, double sided and magnetic backed puzzles and we promise each has been crafted in the good old United States of America. These photograph puzzles are created with an emphasis on high quality (our founder, Casey, physically inspects each and every one!) and a desire to return to the intellectual stimulations of past generations.  Blended Designs is proud to offer you a puzzle you can be proud to put your name (or rather face) on.

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