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Business Creates School Merchandise for Minority Kids

Posted by Christine McFaul on

Business Creates School Merchandise for Minority Kids  

Blended Designs' CEO, Casey Kelley, was recently interviewed by Action News Jax. Founded in 2014, Blended Designs is an e-commerce retail store headquartered in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in accessories featuring positive images and messaging of children of color. 

Kelley's son 8-year-old, Carter wanted the company to sell a backpack with his face on it for school, overnight trips to Grammy’s and to use as a carry-on luggage while traveling. Mom, Casey Kelley, used her insights and analytics background to research the retail industry and found that less than 2% of all character backpacks included children of color. Blended Designs is now filling a void in the market.

To watch the interview click here.

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