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Trendy Totes to Show Your Swag

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Tote Trends for 2019

There is no time like the present to show off your swag and #BeDifferent in this new year. Your personal style can say a lot: where you shop, what brands you support, what you read, what music you're into...the opportunities are endless. By simply accessorizing, you can set yourself apart from the crowd with a functional twist. So what's in store for accessory trends in 2019? The tote bag take over! While tote bags have been a staple for students and commuters alike, these chic, sturdy bags have made their way to the mainstream. It's time to find out what bag you love best to keep up to date with the tote trends for 2019!

Why the Tote Has Taken Over

Next time you hit the town or are strolling the mall, take a moment to notice the bags that other shoppers are wearing. More times than not, you'll spot a sea of tote bags making their way through the crowds. So why did this trend take hold? The origins of the tote bag's status quo were prescribed back in the mid-1990's. In this era, tote bags were given away as swag bags filled with goodies for attendees of fashionable parties. Not soon after, other brands began following suit, creating their own bags to show off their goods and services.

Not only have spacious tote bags become fashionable, they are also functional! Sturdy, chic and minimalist, totes serve as a sleek alternative to your average briefcase or computer bag. Whether you're headed to the class, your next big meeting, or the grocery store, your favorite tote has got you covered. These spacious bags carry all your necessities with ease, while conveying cultural signifies in a less serious manner than a handbag does.

What Your 1954 Tote Says About You

As you probably already know, your personal style and fashion can say a lot about you as a person. Clothing and accessories communicate to those around you important cultural values as well as what your interests are. So what does wearing 1954 say about you?

First off, it says that you are proud to support a black-owned business. When Casey Kelley founded Blended Designs, she joined the 2.6 million black-owned businesses in America today. It was her mission to create a line of products that empower persons of a wide variety of melanin skin tones. Her business is part of an inspiring growing group of African American female-owned businesses in the United States, as this demographic has grown 322% since 1997! By purchasing 1954 goods, you communicate to others that you are a mindful consumer, taking care to put your money back into black-owned businesses while simultaneously supporting the black community.

Find Your Perfect Tote

Now that we know the tote is the perfect fashion statement for the new year, it's time to find your perfect bag! Our 1954 tote bags have something for everyone, from the dedicated student working hard to reach their #SquadGoals, to the fashion diva looking for the final touch for her outfit. All of our totes are made in the United States and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Tote Trends for 2019

Sorority Inspired Totes

Looking for a way to show off your sisterhood pride? Then these sorority inspired totes are the perfect accessory for you! Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) began being established as early as the 1830s, as a way for black students to take charge of their education and gain a collective experience of what it means to be black in America. Soon after, sisters from these collages began to ban together in the name of sisterhood, academic excellence and volunteerism.

Tote Trends for 2019

HBCU Inspired Totes

HBCUs work to empower students of a wide variety of melanin skin tones, just like our products do! This is why our designs and HBCU products blend so perfectly. Whether you're an alumni or aspiring to attend one day, these totes are the perfect way to show off your pride for your school of choice. These bags are available either with or without each school's founding year.


Soul Sister Totes

With bold lines and colorful backgrounds, you can match your mood while on the go with our Soul Sister collection of totes. Choose from our "flawless,", "devastating divas" or "finer women" bags to showcase your style in the streets.

Tote Trends for 2019

BD Squad Totes

By creating Blended Designs, Casey Kelley had a clear goal in mind: to improve a dismal display of representation in the character backpack market. Before the creation of BD, only 2% of all backpacks available on the market represented people of color. These totes serve as a perfect backpack alternative for your student on the run, while empowering them and showing students how they can #BeDifferent. Better yet, stuff these bags with some of our favorite inspiring books

A Lil Bougie Totes

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your sister that is anything but basic, the Lil Bougie tote line is just what you're looking for. Personalize this tote further by blending your bag with your HBCU's founding year to showcase your pride year round! 


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