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#BDSquad Bound

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Growing into Strong, Confidence Kiddos 

It’s no secret to say that growing up is tough. From the second we are born, we are met with a deluge of new information, as we pick up new skills and knowledge each and every day. Learning all of these new skills while traversing social and cultural situations entirely unknown to us as children makes for a daunting undertaking. It is our job as parents, classmates and mentors to install confidence in the children of today to create a kind, capable, skilled future for tomorrow. 

Show Confidence Yourself

The first step in installing confidence in your children is by displaying that confidence yourself. Children learn by example, and by being willing to try new things without fear of failure, you can teach your children to do the same. You don’t have to pretend to be the best at each new undertaking, or unafraid of failure to showcase this confidence. On the contrary, being open with your children about your feelings while focusing on the positive can encourage your children to do the same.

Let Children Learn from Failure

Not only is it important for children to become more confident from their successes in life, it is equally as important for kids to learn that failure is a part of the process. After all, confident people don’t let the fear of failure get in their way, and this is an important concept to impress upon your children as you encourage them to try new things. Failure will actually teach children to dust themselves off, pick themselves up, and try harder for better results in the future.

Allow Kids to Have an Opinion

This may be a tricky one for some parents. While we agree that children should be raised to respect adults and their time to speak and discuss issues as “grownups”, we also believe that it is important for children to develop their own original thought. Being outspoken does not mean that a child is being disrespectful, if it is done in an appropriate and well-thought out manner. Children should be taught to validate their voice through patience and reasoning, while giving others the opportunity to do the same.

Practice Persistence

While we all may want our children to excel at every new endeavour that they undertake, it is important to not let children give up at their first failure or setback. Kids must learn that they have to be resilient enough to withstand failure to keep trying, and to not be too distressed when they are not the very best at something. Learning to trust the process and their personal progression is what will keep children focused on their goals, no matter what may deter them.

Set #SquadGoals™ and Explore New Interests

Another key method for installing confidence in kids is by helping your children find their passions by exploring their own interests to help develop their own identity. As children find their interests in sports, hobbies and other activities, they will be amazed at their growing skill set, as they put in the time and effort to learn more about the things that they love. One way to encourage this progress is by articulating both big and small goals that your children may have. Setting goals can help your children feel strong and secure, and that they can truly achieve anything with time and dedication. Helping your children map out their goals will also work to validate their interests and to develop the skills necessary to get them where they want to be.

Show Your Love

Perhaps more important than all else in installing confidence and strength in your children, is to let them feel loved and supported. It is important to let your children know that you love them no matter what, and that you think that they are great, even when they may not be doing great things. This sense of security and belonging is invaluable when empowering your children to pursue their passions, achieve their #SquadGoals™  and grow into strong, confident adults.


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