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The Importance of Buying Black this Holiday Season

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Why You Should #BuyBlack This Season

With the holiday season bearing down upon us, it's time to get serious about making our way through those shopping lists (we hope you check them twice). It's hard to imagine something more satisfying than watching a loved one's face light up as they open a gift they truly love, but there actually is. What's better that? Finding the perfect gift for the ones you love, while also supporting your community. Here is exactly why you should #BuyBlack this season. 

Why Buying Black is Important 

While there are countless reasons why you should #BuyBlack this season, there are a few standouts that explain why this practice is so important to our community. When you from black-owned businesses this season, you are not only investing in that specific business. The money that you spend at a black or minority-owned business is recycled back into that community. This support can make the difference between a black business succeeding or failing. 

Nationwide, there are over 2.6 million black-owned businesses. Of those businesses, 8 out of every 10 fail on average in their first year and a half. These failures can generally be contributed to a lack of resources, whether it be a lack of exposure or capital. By putting your money into black-owned businesses, that money can be used for furthering the black community. These dollars are then recycled back into the business, as well as into black household incomes. An increase in these incomes can be used toward higher education and skills training for the black community. It's this increase in support that can help people in our community reach their #SquadGoals, both in education and in businesses. 

#BuyBlack with Blended Designs 

When Casey Kelley founded Blended Designs, she made it her mission to create products to empower children and adults of a wide variety of melanin skin tones. Part of the motivation for this was the fact that less than 2% of all character backpacks on the market today include children of color. Blended Designs now fills that void in the market by providing products with positive and empowering images of children of color. Kelley is among the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America being an African American woman. The number of African American female-owned businesses in has grown 322% since 1997...now what's what we call #SquadGoals! You can #BuyBlack this holiday with 1954 backpacks, apparel, luggage, travel bags, and accessories! 

Why You Should #BuyBlack This Season

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Why You Should #BuyBlack This Season

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Why You Should #BuyBlack This Season

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Why You Should #BuyBlack This Season

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