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Meet Zoe

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Zoë™ is an original member of the #BDSquad™ who isn't afraid to be different. Zoë™ enjoys pushing the status quo and often sets the stage for new trends, most recently through proudly displaying brilliant blue streaks in her beautiful fro.

A mix of beauty and brains, her classmates recently voted her most likely to be CEO after she graduates high school and college, where she is excited to study the field of business and entrepreneurship. She's currently checking out ways to receive a scholarship to get to the schools of her choice, and has since joined extracurricular activities like the debate team. Next year, she is even planning to run for class president! 

Zoë™ is a natural leader, and isn't afraid to take charge when necessary. She is already able to command the attention of her peers, and is happy to assist in her group projects to ensure they get an A+. Zoë™ has an admirable goal like all members of the #BDSquad™, which is to break barriers like the Hidden Figures before her, and we have no doubt that she will succeed.

Zoë™ can do anything, and loves rocking her #BD swag to encourage others that they can too.


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