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Meet Riley™

Posted by Casey Kelley on

An Animal Lover with a Big Heart

If you’re an animal lover yourself, then you just have to meet Riley™! A member of the #BDSquad, Riley™ has a huge heart and a special love for all animals, although he says that his favorite animal is a dog. When he grows up, Riley™ hopes to become a vet so that he can help keep his furry friends healthy and happy. He knows that becoming a vet is a dream job and getting into the right college to achieve this goal is going to be a challenge. This is why Riley™ is enrolled in his school’s AVID program, to help him achieve his #SquadGoals! He enrolls in honors classes that provide him with the skills that he needs to continue on his track toward higher education.

Not only does Riley™ know that he wants to be a vet, he even knows what school he would like to attend one day. After visiting Morehouse College on a school field trip, he knew that his was the college for him. While on his field trip, Riley™ and his classmates were given a full tour of the campus, including trotting alongside fresh-faced freshman to King Chapel, where alma mater Dr. Martin Luther King has a statue displayed in his honor. Riley™ can be much more soft spoken than his classmates, as he has a few close friends that he devotes all of his loyalty and care to. Yet after seeing Dr. Martin Luther King’s statue and the Morehouse College campus, he couldn’t stop talking about walking those same hallways one day!

Having a tight-knit friend group is part of what inspires Riley™ to attend the school of his dreams. Morehouse College not only produces some of the world’s top black leaders, it also creates a brotherhood among students that cannot be broken. Often referred to as the “Morehouse Mystique”, the college, like other HBCUs, understands that young black students need the unique opportunity to find their voices and a sense of home in their continuing education by becoming the majority for perhaps the first time in their lives. Riley is not one to become distracted by materialistic things like clothes or fast cars, he stays focused on his #SquadGoals and what really makes him happy: becoming the best student that he can be, being a good friend to those that he cares for, and reaching his #SquadGoals...because he knows that he can do anything!

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