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Meet Nicee

Posted by Casey Kelley on

1954 Junior Artist Spotlight: Meet Nicee

A keen eye for design and all things unique and beautiful, Nicee™ is the artist in the #BDSquad™.  Nicee has loved drawing and using fun colors since she could hold a pencil, and has blossomed into an exceptional artist recognized by her friends, family and classmates. Despite being incredibly shy, she has also already developed an impressive following on social media sites, where she showcases her recent work.  

Nicee is in Honors class, where she is constantly striving to keep excellent grades in order to go to a top arts college of her choice with a full ride. Art class is her favorite time of the day, and she spends as much time there as possible learning how to perfect and develop her technique. She also enjoys reading and writing, though in other classes, you will most likely find her doodling on her notebook during any free time. Nicee sees the beauty in every color on Earth, and enjoys utilizing them all to create inspirational pieces that are constantly complimented on by her classmates. (Some friends and classmates even ask her to draw unique portraits for them on their notebooks!) 

Nicee is rarely seen without her tablet in case she is inspired to create a new design. Her goal is to attend a top school in the country in order to further develop her talent, and one day own her very own art gallery. Like all members of the #BDSquad, Nicee can do whatever she puts her mind to (and she will likely draw a picture of herself doing it!).

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