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Meet Langston™

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Your Team Captain With a Thirst for Adventure

Meet Langston™, one of our newest members of the #BDSquad™! Although Langston™ is a new member of our squad, he is the caretaker of the group. Langston™ is thoughtful and considerate of others’ needs, always looking out for a friend or stranger in need. He knows that by taking care of those he loves and strangers in the same way, he is helping make the world a better and happier place.

Langston™ takes his compassion for others with him everywhere, from the classroom to the field. Not only is Langston™ a superior student, he is also a talented athlete. While he’s adept at about every sport that he tries, he particularly loves baseball, track and football. However, if you were to ask his teammates why Langston™ is team captain, they wouldn’t say that it’s because he’s one of the best players on the team. They would say that it’s because of his good sportsmanship and ability to lend a hand to someone in need without being asked to do so. 

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While Langston™ knows that he can achieve any of his #SquadGoals™, when he grows other he wants to find a way to combine his passion for helping others with his desire to travel and see the world. Langston™ is torn between becoming a coach for a professional sports team and becoming a United States Ambassador. With his skills, education and determination, anything is possible!


It’s our goal to provide gear to students that encourages them to be their best. We do this by producing bags, totes and organization tools with fun characters representing a broad range of melanin skin tones. Our products are made to be sturdy so kids can count on them to work. And we commit to giving students in less-advantaged schools free gear with the help of local community organizations.

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