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Meet CJ™

Posted by Casey Kelley on

The MVP With a Killer GPA!

A competitive spirit gives CJ™ the drive to be a top performer both in and out of the classroom, making him our #BDSquad™ MVP! Sure, CJ™'s athletic abilities may make him the first pick in gym class, but it’s his leadership skills that make his other #BDSquad™ members love being his teammate! CJ™ knows that staying humble and remaining encouraging with his fellow teammates is key to having a fun time on the field.

CJ™ takes his work ethic from practice to the classroom, by hitting the books hard every opportunity that he gets. CJ™ finds that explaining new lessons and concepts to his fellow classmates makes him a better student, so he is a great tutor! He spends his time in the classroom tutoring and encouraging those around him, making his time spent behind a desk productive and positive for all. CJ™ has even been known to pitch a non-hitter and get straight A’s on his report card all in the same week. Now that’s a home run!

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Some of CJ™’s #SquadGoals are to become a motivational speaker or to become a professional athlete when he grows up. Being a strong member of the #BDSquad™ means that he doesn’t have to decide...he can do both!


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