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Meet Carter

Posted by Casey Kelley on

"I can do anything. And so can you."

The original member of the #BDSquad, Carter is fun and mischievous and has strong goals for a future as a doctor or engineer. Carter loves all things STEM, and is always problem-solving and discovering how things are made and what to do to improve them.

After school, he loves to hang out in the Science Club, and lately has been working on creating a new video game app inspired by ROBLOX. His buddy CJ, another member of the #BDSquad, is working with him on this project. Together they are learning teamwork and collaboration – both important skills in life and work.

Carter is working hard in school in order to get a science and engineering scholarship to the college of his choice so he can continue doing what he loves, and inspire others to do the same. He knows a college degree is necessary to get to where he wants to be to do what he loves, and despite some challenges along the way, he is committed to getting there through setting and achieving new goals each year.

In the #BDSquad, representation matters. Carter and his friends are excited to share their stories of accomplishments, adventures, home-runs and tips on how to succeed on the journey to college weekly here at 1954™. Follow all of our members of #BDSquad, and meet new members in the community as we showcase rising stars to success through Instagram and Facebook.

Ready to become a #BDSquad member? Find a character that represents YOU and be inspired to work hard to achieve your goals. Nothing can stand in your way when you stay on the right track by focusing on school and knowing YOU can do ANYTHING. College is always assessable through scholarships, grants and other funding vehicles that support students that work hard for it.

Meet Carter

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