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Meet Bryson™

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Music, Math & Motivation!

Meet Bryson™, the smoothest sounding member of our Backpack Swag Kidz™. Bryson discovered his love for music at a young age, from slamming pots and pans in the kitchen to beating on snare drums as he grew older. Bryson™ is inspired by the greats that came before himself, and is heavily involved in learning the history of his own musical culture. He was thrilled to spend Black Music Month in June learning more about the artists that laid the groundwork for the music that he makes today. Although Bryson™ loves playing the saxophone and the snare drums the most, he is always up for the challenge of learning a new instrument!

Playing music has allowed for Bryson™ to combine some of his greatest passions: writing, problem solving and pushing himself to learn something new. Outside of band practice and creating music on his own, Bryson™ excels inside the classroom. Although he does well in all of his classes, math would have to be his favorite subject. Bryson™ feels that learning to solve a complicated math problem is just like learning to play a new instrument...the thrill is in the challenge!

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When he’s not jamming out or cranking out some math problems for class, Bryson™ likes to think about how he can keep music in his life forever. He plans to attend college in the future to study to be a high school music professor. Bryson™ knows that music will be a part of his life forever, and he knows that sharing his love for music with new students would be so fun and rewarding! With the support of his fellow Backpack Swag Kidz™ members, Bryson™ knows that he can make any of his dreams come true.


It’s our goal to provide gear to students that encourages them to be their best. We do this by producing bags, totes and organization tools with fun characters representing a broad range of melanin skin tones. Our products are made to be sturdy so kids can count on them to work. And we commit to giving students in less-advantaged schools free gear with the help of local community organizations.

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