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Meet Arin™

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Creativity, Care and Charm!

Meet Arin™, the charming and creative member of the #BDSquad™! Arin is a unique and free spirited thinker, which takes her creative efforts to all new heights. Although she thrives in all of her school subjects, the courses that demand critical thinking are her favorite. Arin™ loves English and writing, drawing inspiration from all of her favorite books, movies and plays. She enjoys storytelling in any form, striving to find new perspectives to create fresh, innovative, creative messages!

Arin™ hasn’t yet decided whether she wants to be behind or in front of the camera when she grows up. Either way, she knows that Hollywood is calling her name! Videography is one of her greatest passions, giving her creative control to show off her writing, shooting and acting skills. Not only does Arin™ love creating by herself, she loves to work in a group too! She spends most of her spare time recreating movies and plays with friends, putting together productions to entertain their friends and family. Arin™ loves to work collaboratively and learn from her friends and classmates. She also loves to give advice to make other’s work better, which is why she is the go-to member of the #BDSquad™ for feedback!


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Arin™’s friends love her work so much, they believe that she will be the first black female to win an Oscar as Best Director and Best Leading Lady in a single film! We know that if Arin™ keeps her #SquadGoals™ in mind, all of these dreams and more can come true.


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