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Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Halloween Treats without the Tricks 

Halloween can be one of the most magical holidays of the year for our little ones. It’s a day of escape, where your child’s imagination can run wild and they can be whatever sort of hero, monster, or character they have ever dreamed of being. Not to mention, the piles full of candy coming their way after a fruitful night of trick or treating! Despite all of the fun to be had this Halloween, it’s an important night remain vigilant and keep children safe when out after dark. Here are some of our best kids' safety tips for trick or treating this holiday.

Join in on the Fun!

It’s imperative to never let your young trick or treaters venture out on their own going from door to door. Not only is trick or treating safer when done in a group, it’s more fun too! Get together with a group of other adults and their families to make an evening out of it.

Use Cell Phones for Emergencies Only

While the everyday use of smartphones and cell phones has made our lives exponentially easier in countless ways, it also serves as a distraction for users. It’s important to keep your phone stowed away in your pocket, outside of using the device in case of emergency or to snap a few quick photos. This way, you can keep aware and vigilant of your children at all times when walking from door to door.

Chart Your Plan of Attack

When embarking on your trick or treating adventure, it’s important to have a route planned in advance. Stick to well-lit areas that both you and your children are familiar with. Remember that children should always stay on the front step of neighbor’s homes when trick or treating, regardless of how familiar you may be with the area. Kids should never enter strangers’ homes for treats, even for a few moments.

Pick Your Costumes Wisely

When picking out your little monster’s costume this Halloween, a few easy decisions can help keep them safe. Try to steer toward lighter-colored costumes that are more easily spotted when out and about after dark. If your child insists on a dark-colored costume, consider adding reflective tape to their costume or trick or treating bag to make them more visible to passing cars. All costumes should be well-fitted with high hemlines so that trick or treaters have full mobility and won’t be tripping over their ensemble.

Additionally, opt for face paint as opposed to face masks that can restrict visibility for your child. If you’re using makeup or face paint to create the perfect costume, look for non-toxic products. Be careful to test all products prior to the big day, to field any potential issues with skin irritation or other reactions. Last but not least, don’t forget the most important costume accessory of all: a glow stick or flashlight to light the way when walking from door to door.

Check Twice for Monsters

Not trick or treating this holiday? It’s still important to keep an eye out for little monsters roaming the streets of your neighborhood in search of treats. Use caution when driving and stay parked for the evening if at all possible. Drive slowly in your neighborhood if you do need to leave, and make sure to watch out for younger children darting out into the road suddenly.

Do a Candy Check

After your little ones have returned home with their sweet treats, take a moment to inspect all of their candy before consuming. Keep an eye out for choking hazards, such as gum or hard candies, as well as any candies that appear to be tampered with. If you’re passing out candy this Halloween, play your part by avoiding passing out candies that are potential choking hazards, and by skipping treats with common allergens, such as peanuts.

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