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HBCU Homecoming 2018

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Celebrating the 2018 HBCU Homecoming Season

As the seasons begin to change this fall, there is something tangible in the air. No, it’s not the scent of your favorite pumpkin-spiced goodies filling the air, or the awe-inspiring fall foliage beginning to flourish as the leaves start to change. No, that feeling in the air is pure excitement for one of the best times of the year: HBCU homecoming season! As one of the best events of the black college experience, we gather to celebrate our heritage with events like step shows, parades, tailgates and, of course, the big football game!

As a student, one of the reasons for seeking higher education is to search for a college in hopes of earning an education that’s tailored for your specific needs. The term “HBCU” was established shortly after the Civil War, as African American education opportunities began to grow. This was a result of the hard work of black ministers and white philanthropists, as schools across the South were established to educate newly freed slaves. These schools became known as “historically black college and universities”, coining the term “HBCU”.

While HBCU schools can provide black students a sense of belonging, HBCU homecoming takes this sense of unity and elevates it to an entirely new level. This time filled with celebration and sports works to foster a family-like environment for black students. In this time, alumni will return to their alma mater, to share their experience and wisdom, while reconnecting with current students. In this moment, what was once just a school can become a home for current and past students alike as they bond with others that share their culture, all while working toward their #SquadGoals™. To find HBCU homecoming events near you, check out the link here


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