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Blended Designs Featured on The Shade Room

Posted by Christine McFaul on

Blended Designs Featured on The Shade Room 

Friday evening, Blended Designs was featured on The Shade Room.

Earlier this year Blended Designs decided to create a brand for their back to school products. The brand name is 1954. By popular demand, they decided to turn the signature Limited Edition backpack announcing the new brand into a full collection.

This design includes the original newspaper headlines from May 17-18, 1954 announcing the decision in the landmark case - Brown vs. Board of Education. The New York Times headline includes “states have time to comply”. It took 3 years for the Little Rock Nine to integrate Central High School and another 6 years for 6yr old Ruby Bridges to break barriers in Louisiana.

A federal ruling is only the beginning. This is why it is more important than ever that our voices are heard at the polls and we are adequately represented in public offices. We still have to continue to fight for inclusion, integration and equality for ALL. 

To shop our 1954 collection click here. 

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