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Quality Counts: The Reviews Have It

Posted by Casey Kelley on

Achieve Your #SquadGoals with Quality Bags & Backpacks

One of the founding missions of Blended Designs is to provide children with all of the tools that they need to strive and succeed, both in and out of the classroom. While less than 2 percent of the backpacks in the marketplace reflect children of color, we recognize that representation is imperative to the successes of all children, including a broad range of melanin skin tones. Not only do students receive backpacks that adequately represent them, they receive quality products that allow them to feel empowered and capable throughout their school day.

As a shoutout to those focused on our shared goal of empowering each and every child toward greatness, we found some of our favorite reviews of our products. These customers have realized the quality and care placed into our products, all while sending an important message for their children to believe in: I Can Do Anything

  1. "The best thing about my purchase from Blended Design is the QUALITY of the book bag. My daughter and I both love the message very inspirational. I plan on purchasing lunch boxes for the both of us this weekend...yes I want one of the lunch bags for myself." -Nakia C.
  2. "I bought this bag for my son and he absolutely loved it!! He liked the fact that it looked like him and I loved the material it was made of. He is so excited for school to start so that he can show all his friends." -Barbara S.
  3. "The item came super fast. The quality of the bag is excellent and I love that it has a separate internal pocket for tablets. I posted it on Facebook and four friends purchased them for their kids. I would certainly buy from them again." -Tia S.
  4. "My son loved his backpack so much. he thinks it looks like him. Thank you for the wonderful bag and the wonderful customer service you provided." -Natalie H.
  5. "I adore this company and what it is founded on. This is the second backpack I have bought for my 5-year-old son and i love the fact that he wears this proudly, it looks like him, it gives him confidence and it also sends a message. Continue the great work, you have a lifetime customer in me." -Shurisha K.
  6. "The item shipped quicker than I expected and the quality of the backpacks were more than expected. It's really good quality. It like these were made especially for my boys. Thanks you." -Patricia A.
  7. "I brought the book bag for one of my former students who is attending 1st grade at the end of the month. It came in a timely manner and was exactly what I ordered. Very spacious, and you can tell it’s made of good quality . I’m thinking about buying one for myself!" -Amber E.
  8. "The bag was well thought out and put together, durability and it has enough room for everything." -Anonymous
  9. "I was so excited when I saw a little boy that looked like mine in a book bag that I had to get it. The book bag came fast, and was exactly as pictured. It’s very sturdy and durable and I’m sure will last my son thru elementary as he has started Kindergarten this year. I would def recommend buying!" -Tianna M.
  10. "This is one of the best backpacks ever! Not only is the message on it awesome but the quality is great too! Looking forward to more products from you all!" -Stacey B.

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