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1954 by Blended Designs Donates $20,000 and Backpacks to Single Mom-Turned Community Caregiver

Posted by Casey Kelley on

1954 by Blended Designs Gives Back to Community Caregiver on ABC's The View 

Letitia Conliffe provides love and care for kids in need at her own expense in a rural town in Texas. "The View" helps surprise her with a gift that will help her continue her good work — and Blended Designs had the amazing opportunity to be a part of it.

When Casey Kelley, CEO of Blended Designs, heard Letitia's story, she knew she had to help. She found the perfect way by donating 1954 backpacks to the children at Lil 4's Club – the after-school and community care center Letitia started – and $20,000 to help her succeed. 

The Lil 4's Club is now a part of the #BDSquad, and they can do anything they set their minds to in life.

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