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These tweens are bound for success! Meet our colorful crew and find one that your child will relate to.

Smart, sassy, and facinated by science, this girl’s got it goin’ on.

A little sweet and a little spice, Nicee is a friend you can count on!

Langston is our star athlete! Catch him studying between practices. 

With his motivational skills, CJ is a leader on and off the field!

Between choir, coding, and friends, Joy knows how to priortize!

Carter is always ready with a word of encouragement or a witty joke!

Arin is an entertainer! Meet this future director and leading lady. 

Bryson’s always in the band hall, working on his riffs.

Our star on the court, Kaylen scores just as often in the classroom!


"My six year old wears this to school everyday with pride! I love the variety of options and have recommended this bag to so many people. It's sturdy and large enough for him to carry his laptop and lunchbox in. Love it!"

Cindy P.

"Now everyone will know that I am college bound!” Said the 10 year old recipient of the fantastic squad goals backpack. He has truly enjoyed using the backpack."

Gabrielle W.

"My daughter loved her surprise. Backpack is strong and has hidden pockets that can store many of her things which she was excited about. The design is beautifully inspiring and she has received many compliments."

Natasha T.